More Equal Than Thou: Critics Line Up Against Kleinian Progress

Keeping the status quo in Canadian Health Care is about to be painted as the only morally good option available.  Alternatives will not be permitted.  The only course of action that will be approved will be the addition of more money into the vast communal bowl called ‘equal access’ which mysteriously drains dry before anyone can get their bit of ‘equality’.

And so the culture of entitlement continues to permeate Canadian culture in ironic, though subversive ways.  it is evident in the blind denunciations of shorter wait times and quicker healing.  Yet it prefers  the entitlement of  “equal futility” and “equal pain”.  Of course, the entitlement of incompetent health care workers to their secure jobs sits at the heart of this culture.

Since the ensuing debate will be marked by such morally charged rhetoric, it will not be able to dig deeper into the questions which many people want answered about the steps forward in the Third Way.

There are some legitimate problems with health care in the United States, but can such problems be looked at objectively even as Klein’s Third Way is implemented?  For instance, is a comparison with the US system of health care legitimate in any respect?

Maybe someday we will be able to undertake the hard work of real discourse, rather than relying on the convenience of easy impotencies.


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